Remaking Participation – Contents

We are delighted with the range of authors we have brought together for Remaking Participation. The volume includes the following chapters, organised around three central themes:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.09.27 AM1 Science, democracy and emergent publics – Jason Chilvers and Matthew Kearnes

PART I: Rethinking Participation

2 Participation in the making: rethinking public engagement in co-productionist terms – Jason Chilvers and Matthew Kearnes

3 Engaging in a decentred world: overflows, ambiguities and the governance of climate change – Alan Irwin and Maja Horst

4 Engaging the mundane: complexity and speculation in everyday technoscience – Mike Michael

5 Ghosts of the machine: publics, meanings and social science in a time of expert dogma and denial – Brian Wynne

PART II: Making Participation

6 State experiments with public participation: French nanotechnology, Congolese deforestation and the

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.09.19 AMsearch for national publics – Vera Ehrenstein and Brice Laurent

7 Technologies of participation and the making of technologized futures – Linda Soneryd

8 Participation as pleasure: citizenship and science communication – Sarah R. Davies

9 The temporal choreographies of participation: thinking innovation and society from a time-sensitive perspective – Ulrike Felt

PART III: Remaking Participation

10 An ‘experiment with intensities’: village hall reconfigurings of the world within a new participatory collective – Claire Waterton and Judith Tsouvalis

11 Against blank slate futuring: noticing obduracy in the city through experiential methods of public engagement – Cynthia Selin and Jathan Sadowski

12 Reflexively engaging with technologies of participation: constructive assessment for public participation methods – Jan-Peter Voß.

13 Remaking participation: towards reflexive engagement – Jason Chilvers and Matthew Kearnes


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