About the Editors

Jason Chilvers is a Senior Lecturer, and Chair of the Science, Society chilvers-jand Sustainability (3S) Research Group, in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. His work, situated in the disciplines of science and technology studies (STS), geography and environmental science, focuses on relations between science, technology and society, including studies of governance, appraisal and public participation relating to science and sustainability. Jason has published widely on these themes in books, journal articles and policy reports, and was director of the ESRC ‘Critical Public Engagement’ Seminar Series in 2009–2011. He also blogs over at: http://3sresearch.org 

Matthew Kearnes is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and member of the EnvironmentalMatthew Kearnes 1 DW copy Humanities group at the School of Humanities and Languages, University of New South Wales. His research is situated between the fields of STS, human geography, environmental sociology and contemporary social theory. His current work is focused on the social and political dimensions of technological and environmental change, and he has published widely on the ways in which the development of novel and emerging technologies are entangled with profound social, ethical and normative questions. Matthew is a co-editor of the international openaccess journal Environmental Humanities (environmentalhumanities.org). He also blogs over at: technofables.wordpress.com/ .


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